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Best zombie killing games

best zombie killing games

Find out the best way to kill zombies from the comfort of your desktop. Check out the rest of our PC Gaming Week coverage. Prev Page 1 of. Looking for the best zombie games? Lurch right this way - we've got plenty. Zombies are some of the most popular enemies in all of video games, but what are the very BEST games that let you slay the undead?. Dead Island and its pseudo-sequel Dead Island Riptide may be a little rough around the edges, but its ambitiousness can't be denied. It also contains substantial RPG elements, meaning that players can have almost as gratis fußlig fun as Dead Rising, messing around with hordes of zombies, albeit without that game's ludicrous humour. Or would you rather play as the undead? Deep down, Dead Island is an RPG, so building increasingly powerful weapons as you progress is a big part of the fun. Welcome to London, not exactly the city you remember. Assemble your knights and protect the kingdom at all costs in this 3D tower defense game.


Top 10 NEW Zombie Games of 2017

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PC, Coming to PS4 Developer: There are zombies in DayZ? Not that it's an issue, because as soon as you take your foot off the brake, sit back, and slam that gas pedal, in no time you'll understand why we love The Following. Stop the Zombies before they enter your land by using various towers and upgrading them. Day Z was the latest mod, created in for ARMA 3, which spawned players unarmed into an open world packed with zombies, where players scavenged for food, water and weaponry amidst the ruins. You might not have nightmares after glancing at the shambling undead, but the game shows that zombies don't need to be terrifying to be entertaining. best zombie killing games

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The Last Stand Union.. The Zodiac Age review: Are you in the mood to kill tons of shambling corpses? The strangest thing about Left 4 Dead is that, considering its success on both PC and console, there haven't been any more sequels. Season One was vital, and the follow-up episodes have moments just as harrowing.


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